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These are the certifications, which characterizes some of our coffee blends


Passion for quality led Caffè Agust to be one of the CSC ITALIA – promoters, which, thanks to ISO-22005 certified procedures, guarantees the high quality of the product:

Coffee producer
A raw coffee producer list is drawn up in order to guarantee the continuity of quality. They have to comply with the following characteristics: to have one’s own plantations; to process harvested product directly without blending it with other origins and to be customary exporters.

The technical commission
The Technical Commission establishes excellent features for every raw coffee origin, indicating also ideal areas and altitudes of cultivation, loading period, etc. Moreover, it verifies that the quality of coffee in each harvest omplies with quality standards.

Qualified taster
Coffee producers with required qualifications send to CSC’s skilled taster, samples of each harvest. Thus complete physical and organic testing is carried out and analysed by the Technical Commission which verifies the compliance with the characteristics defined earlier.

Discharge inspector
When an associated coffee roaster purchases a shipment of certifiable coffee, an independent Inspector – once the ship has arrived in port – takes samples during the discharge operations and forwards them to the Qualified Taster who then compares the product with the sample previously supplied. If the Qualified Taster confirms the identity of the coffee, CSC sends the coffee roaster a number of labels exactly proportionate to the quantity of raw coffee purchased.

Blend names
The blend names must be declared beforehand to CSC. The blend cannot be sold without a CSC label.

Blend samples
Until the Inspectors arrive at the roasting premises, coffee roasters are obliged to conserve samples of green coffee beans corresponding to the declared blend, each of them equipped with a record reporting all the shipments of certified coffee used at that time.

Controls in roaster
CSC Inspectors carry out controls at the associated coffee roasters to verify that all the obligations, imposed by the procedure to guarantee the quality of the product, are respected, including the correct recording of roasting, blending and packaging.

The labels
The CSC labels are provided with anti counterfeit hologram and numbered progressively. Once the label has been affixed on the bag, it is guaranteed that the contents are solely and exclusively Certified Special Coffee.