La Mignon del Baffo

The first Premium Dry Gin with Specialty Coffee



“Il Gin del Baffo” is a contemporary style gin, It was born after years of study and careful tastings by Fabio Dotti, Agust Brand Ambassador and responsible of Agust Coffee Academy. He wisely combine two of great passions that accompany him in his life: Specialty Coffee and gin. It’s a spirit drink, one of a kind, with juniper, angelica and coriander made by distillation and subsequently combined with Specialty Coffee Sidamo, which he has carefully selected between Agust EVO coffee, to complete this natural aromatic bouquet.

“Il Gin del Baffo” was created to satisfy the most refined and daring palates: the authenticity of the ingredients, balanced and harmonious with each other, create an innovative melody of flavours that guarantees an authentic and unique experience. The natural amber colour and the freshness of the flavours recall grapefruit, liquorice and honey, and blossom from the natural cold infusion of hand-roasted Specialty Coffee to guarantee a sublime yield.

The package contains: 5 cl single dose and 1 bottle of tonic water 20 cl