We are not just satisfied by producing something good: in order to create an excellent product, we have to disseminate the culture of coffee to the professionals, the lovers and to the simple consumers.


Our Academy offers training courses for different levels of professional specialisation and workshop with thematic researches. Visit our Academy page.

Logistics – Our family-run company makes sure that customers find a skilled team with a deep attention to all their needs and a series of targeted and personalized proposals. 
From offer to logistics, from transport to information of the occurred shipment, everything is handled very quickly and tailored to your needs.

Bar service – Each salesman is, first of all, a technically qualified consultant to ensure the best use of the product and thus to maintain a constant quality over time.

Technical support – We are equipped with internal workshop that handles the repairs of espresso machines and related accessories. Our specialists are concerned with speed of repairs both at headquarters and at the customers: a service of excellence that characterize us since years.

There are different possibilities to have customized blends and packaging. We can create your “personal” ground coffee, your coffee pods or single-serving decaffeinated coffee. For further information please contact us.