“The beauty of a company that likes to call itself a “craft” (in the noblest sense of the term, namely, “artist at work”), is also to have the connotations that can be identified quite clearly with the people they lead.”


Therefore, it is a natural consequence that the values of the individual are transferred in the company and its activities. Values such as equity, environmental sustainability, fairness and enjoyment of relationships, the reduction of internal and external conflicts, etc … are entities that belong to me and therefore, I try to transfer them into my company. There is a constant search for balance between opposites, between work and leisure needs of the family, between profit and personal satisfaction, including laws of the market and sustainability of any action, between material necessity and spiritual tensions (however you want to understand these terms). I always try to think about (not always succeed) the consequences of all my actions, however small. Sometimes when I take the discomfort for the insignificance of what I can do, emerges from my memory a guy who said, a comforting phrase (about which I do not even remember the author): “what you can do is just a drop in the ocean, but it is this that can give meaning to your life”. Thus, these sharing arrangements/philosophies with my staff, we work with this hope and continue on our way, encouraged by the trust of an increasing number of customers and friends.

Marco Corsini

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  1. 1956


    Augusto and Mariarosa Corsini newlyweds open a little coffee workshop. The first packets, at that time, report the slogan: “the smallest roaster…the best coffee”. From then on many things have changed…many, but not the passion and handicraft care for good coffee.

  2. 1967


    Agust coffee is growing in popularity in the local market and the increasing demands of coffee require the Corsini family to relocate to create bigger production department and a storehouse. The company moves just outside Brescia in a 500 sq.m. building. In October of 1967 Caffè Agust recruits 6 sellers.

  3. 1981

    The second generation

    The third son of Augusto Corsini, Marco, having completed his studies joins the company which already includes 8 operators, 2 clerks, a saleswoman, the eldest daughter Laura and, of course, Augusto Corsini and his wife Mariarosa.

  4. 1992

    The new headquarters

    Year of construction of the currently headquarters of Caffè Agust in Brescia, in Via Antonio Allegri, on a total area of 2500 sq.m. Our workforce increases up to 12 employees. A technical workshop is set up within the company with the hiring of two technicians to offer customers fast and professional service.

  5. 1999

    Organic farming and fair-trade

    Year that marks the birth of a new line of coffee – coming from organic farming and fair trade. This product would be one of the most sustainable coffees in the world, with its packaging at Zero Impact ® for the environment – and so “NATURA EQUA” is born. This new line had been strongly desired for years but never implemented as the green coffee available on the market did not reach the Caffè Agust high quality standards.

  6. 2004

    Going abroad

    We launch our export sales department. Driven by our ongoing success, the company begins to make inroads into the European market initially and then later turn to overseas markets as well.

  7. 2007

    The new production sector

    The Corsinis passion to high quality products drives them to renew the production department. Choice dictated by the desire to do the best and guarantee the high qualitative standards that up to now have characterized Agust in markets.

  8. 2010

    The third generation

    The company opens its doors to the Corsinis third-generation. Giovanni Corsini, Marco Corsini’s third son, after having completed his studies and having spent a period working abroad, joins the company. He gradually brings his presence in every department for an awarer integration in the interests of the company co-management.

  9. 2014

    Il Rebranding

    Agust recreates and restyles its company. From brand to packaging, from company organisation to communication.

  10. 2016

    60 years

    Caffè Agust celebrates its first 60 years with a great event in the centre of Brescia and through the launch of new products like single-origin coffee and the new blend for coffee filter “IlFiltrato”. At the same time was born the project of the new website of the company, which includes also the first Agust e-commerce.